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Food to compliment your workout
Attending a bootcamp workout is great! ...but theres only so much that bootcamp can achieve without you taking on the right diet. What we choose to eat on a daily basis can significantly effect our health and the way we look and feel overall. Eating right, coupled with a great exercise routine by your bootcamp workout can ensure that you have the perfect combination to a healthy lifestyle.
Using the below checklist you can tick off the changes as you adapt them to your lifestyle.
Fat Reduction
  •  Avoid Fried Foods
  •  Cut visible fat off meat
  •  Remove the skin from poultry
  •  Use low fat cheeses & Dairy
  •  Avoid cream & cream based recipes
  •  Avoid high fat snacks eg, Chocolate, chips, biscuits
  •  Use low fat dressings
  •  Avoid using butter or margarine
  •  Choose spreads and cooking oils high in monounsaturated fats (olive oil or canola based)
  •  Include 1-2 servings of oily fish per week like mackerel, herrings, pilchards, sardines, salmon, trout
Protein Intake
  •  Choose to eat meats, chicken, fish, eggs & beans
  •  Avoid processed meats like sausages/hot dogs, deli meats, burgers
Carbohydrate Intake
  •  Choose complex & natural carbs rather than highly processed and refined carbs
  •  Choose wholegrain in bread, pasta & cereals
Fruit & Veges Intake
  •  5 or more vegetables daily & 2 servings of fruit
  •  Steam or microwave the vegetables to preserve the vitamin & mineral content
  •  Add fruit to yogurt, cereal and salad
  •  Add vegetables to stir fries, casseroles, salads, sandwiches, pasta & rice
Fluid Consumption
  •  Drink 8 glasses of water per day
  •  Carry a water bottle with you & drink every hour
  •  Drink water before, during & after exercise
  •  Moderate tea/coffee intake to 3 cups per day
  •  Moderate soft drinks to either diet/no sugar or no caffeine otherwise replace with juice
  •  Moderate the amount of alcohol you drink to no more than 3-4 drinks for men, 2-3 for women per day
  •  Have 2-3 alcohol free days each week
Salt Intake
  •  Avoid adding salt to food once cooked
  •  Experiment with herbs & spices to enhance flavour
  •  Choose low sodium & reduced salt products
  •  Avoid salty snacks like nuts, chips, pretzels
  •  Minimize the amount of processed foods you eat
  •  Remove any salt shakers off table
Snack & Healthy foods
  •  Try to eat every 2-3 hours
  •  Plan your meals & make a shopping list
  •  Cook in bulk, freeze & reheat for convenience & health
  •  Eat breakfast to “break the fast” overnight
  •  Carry healthy snacks in your bag or car like dried fruits & nuts
  •  Eat a variety of foods high in calcium like cheese, yoghurt, milk, fish, green leafy veges
  •  Eat a variety or foods high in iron like red meat, fish, beans


Benefits Of Exercise

Maintenance of health and well being
Increased energy levels
Reduced risk of disease
Increased physical work capacity
Increased cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency
Changes in metabolism
Weight management
Delaying effects of ageing
Stress relief
Increased self-esteem
Increased workability of joints and muscles
Social interaction/affiliation

Exercise and Stress

Stress results from situations that cause anxiety and emotional distress.

Chronic effects of stress can pose many health risks and have been linked as a factor contributing to cancer, ulcers, and heart disease.

Research has found that aerobic exercise for as little as fifteen minutes can reduce stress for up to an hour after the exercise and that aerobic exercises over extended periods may have permanent effects on reducing stress.

Weight Loss - Benefits of Exercise

Exercise plays an important role in weight loss as it leads to an increase in energy expenditure. However, a common side effect of diet only approaches to weight loss is loss of lean body mass. Exercise will aid to reduce this loss by contributing to increased muscle tissue and bone density.

Bootcamp Workout is fun, healthy and affordable!

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